Stages of the hair growth cycle and homeopathy hair loss treatment

One of the most prevalent issues people face daily is hair loss. However, some hair loss is normal. Extracellular proteins hold columns of degenerated, keratinized epidermal cells together to form hair. Treatments can also aid the natural process of hair development. Numerous fixes and remedies are readily available. Many of these are fads, but some of them might be real. Homeopathy is the best female hair loss treatment because it regenerates hair and heals baldness. This is typically the last option for individuals who have tried everything to restore their hair. Stay here to know about stages of the hair growth cycle and homeopathy hair loss treatment:

Stages of the hair growth cycle:

Each hair follicle goes through three stages throughout its life.

Growth Stage 

For two to six years, scalp hair is in the growth stage. In this phase, the hair matrix’s cells divide. The hair gets longer due to the upward pressure of existing hairs caused by adding these new cells at the base of the hair root.

Regression Stage 

This phase lasts two to three weeks. The hair follicle atrophies, the hair stops growing, and the cells of the hair matrix stop dividing during this period.

Resting Stage 

This phase lasts for three months. The hair stops growing during this stage, and the next stage marks the start of a new growth cycle.

Normal Hair Loss 

It is considered normal and does not require treatment for an adult to lose between 70 and 100 hairs daily. Hair loss is typically treated when it exceeds 100 hairs per day or when the rate of hair loss accelerates unexpectedly, even within the normal range.

Homeopathy treatment for hair fall

Hair loss must be treated from the inside out as a chronic condition. Hair loss can be treated with homeopathy since it focuses on the underlying source of the issue. When you have female baldness in Mumbai , a well-chosen homeopathic treatment aids in reducing the amount of hair loss. However, it is essential to realize that baldness cannot be reversed. Hair loss can be lessened with homeopathic medications made from plant, mineral, and animal sources. They can also aid in treating bald spots. They are also risk-free, have no side effects, and can be taken with other medications while closely monitored.

Homeopathic treatments are individualized and chosen based on each patient’s unique case history, taking into account factors such as hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, emotional stress, the patient’s personality, and other elements that may be contributing to hair loss in the long run.

Duration of the treatment:

In 8 to 10 weeks, the initial improvement will be visible. The course of treatment is patient-specific and varies from case to case. The following factors, in particular:

  • The degree of hair loss
  • A similar degree of spread to alopecia areata.
  • The length of the hair loss
  • And associated systemic diseases, such as hyper- or hypothyroidism.
  • Utilize chemical substances or pharmaceuticals, such as steroids, antihypertensive meds, etc.

Summing it up 

As a result, the abovementioned is about the stages of the hair growth cycle and homeopathy hair loss treatment. To overcome female baldness, consult a homeopathy doctor, follow their guidelines, and take the right medicine.

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